Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to create a wonderful Halloween costume. You can put together your costumes completely according to your own taste. We have selected some wonderful Halloween items for you. It’s time to get some inspiration!  

Naughty killer nun

Embrace your scary inner bad girl in this naughty nun costumes. It’s perfect costume to wear during Halloween. Give this costume a creepy twist with the matching possessed face jewels sticker and the cross net pantyhose.

Naughty Nun
Possessed face jewels sticker // Cross net pantyhose


DIY Glitter skeleton look

If you don’t feel like buying a full costume this year, we got you covered. Our DIY items are perfect for putting your own twist on your outfit. Combinate our glitter bone body harness with a basic fishnet bodysuit. Pair this items with the skeleton face jewels and you are guaranteed for a creepy night!



Sexy red devil costume

Be extremely sexy and scary at the same time in this sheer rhinestone long sleeve catsuit. Pair this catsuit with the red feather wings and the glitter devil horns. With this outfit you are the sultry devil of the night.

We hope this list has helped you create the perfect Halloween costume.
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