Sinful Sister


4 Delige Zondige Zuster, bestaande uit een vinyl romper, touw riem, kraag met kruis symbool en vinyl habijt.



2 Delig Kostuum Set Priest bestaande uit een priester gewaad en riem met kruis.

Zwoele Non Kostuum in Grote Maten


Stop maar met het bidden van Weesgegroetjes, het zal je niet vrijpleiten van hoe zondig sexy je eruit ziet in dit Zwoele Non Kostuum, speciaal voor de grotere maat. Het...

Zwoele Non Kostuum


Stop maar met het bidden van Weesgegroetjes, het zal je niet vrijpleiten van hoe zondig sexy je eruit ziet in dit Zwoele Non Kostuum. Het ondeugende nonnenkostuum heeft een diep-V...

Sins and Sanctity Unite: Explore our Nuns & Priests costumes collection by Leg Avenue

Calling all nuns and priests! Prepare for a divine transformation with our jaw-dropping collection of nuns and priests costumes at legavenue.eu. Whether you're looking to embrace your holy side or indulge in a bit of mischief, we've got the perfect ensemble to make a heavenly statement.

Our nuns costumes are the epitome of modest elegance. Channel your inner sister with flowing black robes, white collars, and traditional headpieces. Whether you want to embody a mysterious and alluring nun or go for a more traditional look, our collection has the perfect costume to suit your style...So, let your inner rebel with a heavenly touch shine through with our nuns costumes collection. Explore our assortment at legavenue.eu and embrace the duality of innocence and allure. It's time to have a divinely delightful time and leave everyone in awe of your heavenly or naughty presence.

Enhance the allure of your nun costume by pairing it with sexy hosiery. Opt for thigh-high stockings with lace trim or fishnet designs that will add a seductive edge to your holy attire. These hosiery accessories will leave a lasting impression as you confidently strut your stuff.

To elevate the enchantment further, adorn your body with tantalizing body jewels. Whether it's delicate rhinestone accents, shimmering chains, or intricate designs, these sparkling embellishments will turn heads and captivate all who behold your divine presence. Embrace the art of temptation and let your body become a canvas of sensuality. So, unleash your inner temptress and combine the sacred with the seductive. Explore our nuns & priests and creat a Halloween, Carnival or theme party look that is both naughty and divine. It's time to embrace your duality and leave a trail of intrigued admirers in your wake.

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